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When an obnoxious junk store sells real old, real used items at constantly increasing higher prices, then something is wrong. A typical fifty cent item some years past now will cost four to five dollars.

A previous two dollar item may be priced at eight dollars or more. Donations are accepted and resold at total profit. The place is filled with destructive wild children who create a free for all hazardous playground. The few miserable employes are bewildered and useless.

One can rarely find a good item at a fair price and management offers no consideration to long time customers. The story here is one big musty Halloween costume and bring anti-bacteria lotion.

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Please let's start a complaint wall, my wife and I have always been a fan of savers since it opened, a new wave of thrift store with great prices, but.......somewhere something changed from how they priced things, prices got outrageous out of hand to the point that I am disgusted but not just me people around me were complaining also, how is it that people donate everything in these stores to help other people in need buy items and clothing that we could otherwise not afford yet the prices are either just as much as the regular department stores and sometimes even higher, I have been taking lots of pictures of items that are way overpriced and showing them to people and they are outraged by them, for Gods sake these items ARE USED!. Today I was there with my wife and as I was waiting for her I was standing by the women's pocketbooks and I saw a purse being sold for $129.99 because they say it is a name brand, that doesn't matter, it is still used and most likely a knock offs several others were priced similar it made me mad and sick to my stomach, I went to the section of sheets and blankets to see if I can find a comforter for my puppies and the price of the comforter was $69.99 used!

DAMM! I asked the girl working there that whoever is pricing these items is smoking crack, her answer was,"it's a name brand", hellooo it's still used and made in a sweat shop. I emailed corporate on this and attached several images of "rape pricing" and never got a single response or call, I even had a picture of an old server chest that was falling apart and the veneer was separated for the price of $499.99 unbelievable. People if they don't do anything about it soon and listen to the customers than I suggest donating to the Goodwill at least they price their items fairly and for example if your going for shirts all shirts are the same price no matter what brand they are usually $4.00 and they have 50% of everyday on different colored tags, all shoes does not matter how big or brand $6.99 etc.

this is the kind of business I like to support and they still help the community.

Let's wake up people the poor are getting poorer and the rich richer using our generous donation, Savers must change or we stop donations.

As for the person that said times have change and prices go up yes but going up and sky rocketing are 2 completely different things, of course you are going to say that you work for them and Goodwill, Salvation Army also help the same groups but you don't see them take advantage like Savers is doing.

They must shape up or be banned. I would personally take this story to my local news and have them investigate this and expose them in the news.

Kearney, Missouri, United States #966772

I couldn't have said it better myself. You used to Get a 30% off coupon for donations, then it went to 20%, now 10%.

And children's clothing prices are laughable. I was told today by store manager that their items are very unique, and that they have a lot of consultants and accountants and "algorithms" and even threw me a "Laffer Curve" example - done!

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #938586

My local Savers supports Vietnam Veterans which I am thrilled about. Having said that, I could not find one single thing in my local Savers that was priced right/reasonably.

Toys or partial toys were bagged in Baggies and cost more than NEW! Chipped dishes missing parts were priced over new. Clothing, faded and missing buttons etc, also priced more than new. What is their problem?

I love thrift stores but the Savers chain is gouging folks. My local store is very clean and quiet mostly.

Renton, Washington, United States #936198

You have to think that as times change and prices go up in regular retail establishments, then why wouldn't they in a thrift store? I am a regular, long-time shopper of Savers, or Value Village in my area, and find this to be such a ridiculous over-exaggeration of price inflation.

Again, as prices change all around us, the thrift store is going to have increased prices as well.

And they never claim to be a not-for-profit business, but every donation we make means money from their sales to help a non-profit organization. At least in my community, I know this to be true because we have used the non-profit that helps visually impaired people when my great-aunt was going blind and needed assistance. We asked about donations and if Value Village actually helps, and they said that with the donations that they receive from Value Village, they are able to run their program without worry.

As for the unruly children, it is not the responsibility of ANY employee to take care of them, it is the sole-responsibility of the parents. I know that every place that I have worked that deals with the public has strict rules about how you deal with children because parents make it such a delicate subject. And when you have a horde of "destructive wild children" entering and exiting an establishment all day long, you can guarantee that there will be a mess. Be an adult about it and say something to the parents, or better yet, just pick up the toy that is in your way.

The "miserable" employees will have to clean it up, and if the children are as destructive as you claim, then I am sure they have already cleaned the area up several times during the day, so hmmm....I wonder why they seem "bewildered and useless." It is probably because they too are annoyed by the constant mess of something they just cleaned.

I think people are too quick to be rude when they don't get their way, and that is how it sounds in this case. Saying that "management offers no consideration to long time customers" says to me that you wanted something, didn't want to pay the price they were asking, asked a manager for a different price, and when they said no, you got upset and decided to come to Pissed Consumer and make a complaint because you couldn't have what you wanted.

Value Village, or Savers, has always been good to me and my friends and family that shop at our local area stores. They always receive our donations with a smile, help when I'm looking for particular items, have reasonable prices in a competitive market, have a great selection of quality items (never find things with holes or stains), have great customer service, and the cashiers always ring me through quickly while letting me chat a bit about whatever. The local stores I frequent are always clean and tidy, with NORMAL customer messes (let's face it, the messes are from the customers and not the employees, which is why these complaints always make me laugh slightly), and there is no "thrift store" smell.

The only reason why I stumbled upon this review is that I was looking for another establishment with Savers in the name that actually did something worthy of complaint and when I searched them, I saw this review and decided to respond. So sorry that I'm not here to join in your ranting, but thank you for the chance to defend a business that I do enjoy and appreciate greatly.

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